San Diego ABCs

One of the benefits we enjoy as gov’t employees is a trip home during our tour. In State Department lingo it’s known as R&R. We took our R&R a few weeks ago. We decided to go to San Diego to kick it off before heading to Utah to spend times with our families. We had a great time in San Diego enjoying the smooth sidewalks, good food, and nice weather. We even needed sweaters and jackets! The major highlights included the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and the USS Midway Museum. Here is a little summary.

A is for Allie (obviously)


B is for Backpack


We spent a day at the USS Midway Museum. Allie spent most of that day in the carrier because there are tons of stairs and small spaces. It was really interesting!

C is for Cousins


My Aunt, Uncle, and cousins came from Phoenix to meet up with us. My cousins had never met Allie before!

D is for Dock


E is for Elephant


F is for Firing the missiles


G is for Grandpa


My parents came down from Utah and met us in San Diego. They went golfing when they didn’t feel like tagging along with our little kid fun.

H is for Holding hands


I is for Icy water


J is for Joy


K is for Knocked out


L is for Lazy


What a life! Just lounge and get pushed around.

M is for Model


This picture has us cracking up every time we look at it

N is for Nap


O is for Orangutan


P is for aunt Pam


We were so thrilled that Scott’s Aunt Pam was able to join us at the zoo. She lives in San Diego and we hadn’t seen her for a very long time. Her first time meeting Allie as well!

Q is for Quiet


We love visiting temple grounds wherever we go. It’s always peaceful to walk around a sacred building

R is for Rides


S is for Shamu


Scott grew up going to Sea World every summer and having an obsession with marine life, orcas specifically. He was so excited to pass it on the Allie. We bought the little Shamu when we were in San Diego a few weeks after we found out I was pregnant.

T is for Temple


U is for USS Midway


V is for View


W is for Walk walk walk


X is for eXtremely important moment (Allie’s first in n out)


Y is for YUM!


A flight of pancakes; one sweet potato, one cinnamon roll, and one peanut butter cup.

Z is for Zoo

image1 (1)

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