Busily Bidding

For a month or two now we have been knee-deep in bidding for our second tour. Bidding is the process you go through to receive your next assignment.

We received a list of 200+ jobs/posts that we had to go through and make our own list of 30 to submit. 200 seems like a ton but things get cut down very quickly. Our next tour is required to be foreign language so that automatically knocked off all English language assignments. Even if it was a location we wanted but not a job in Scott’s section (consular) it got knocked off. After that we had to look at the timing and find the ones that worked for us.

We will leave Kingston in July of 2017. Each job on the list had an arrival date. We had to go through and calculate if we could leave Kingston, take the required home leave, have enough time for that language’s training, and arrive in the exact month of the arrival date. It can get quite complicated!

When you take into account all of those factors the 200 gets less and less and less. We were pretty happy with what was left for us. We were required to bid 30 posts and luckily we got 30 to work for us that we felt good about.
Our list of 30 included posts in Japan, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Europe, to name a few. We submitted the list and then the wait was on!
We received the news this morning and we will be going to….


We are very excited and happy!! Even before we received our list we felt like Seoul would be a good fit for our family. Large embassy community, safe, lots to do, large church community, good food, good quality of life, etc.

We will leave Kingston in July 2017, take our home leave, be in Washington DC for language training, and arrive in Seoul in June 2018. Yes, 2 years from now! I think these next 2 years are going to fly by and go very slow all at the same time.

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