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We are well into our 2 years here and I am finally getting around to doing a house tour post! hurrah! There are a few reasons I have been putting it off. 1) I’ve been “putting the house together” since we moved in. There are always pictures to be hung or something to move. 2) I never feel like it’s clean enough to take photos! There are always books, balls, and bows everywhere, but hey – that’s life! 3) The biggest reason is we have moved twice since getting here. They have been going through each floor of our building and redoing the windows to make them hurricane proof. We moved into our apartment, then moved into another apartment while they redid our windows, then moved back to our original apartment when our windows were done! phew!

Our apartment is 3 bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms. I haven’t any clue how many square feet it is. The kitchen, dining, and living room are all one large open space. There is tons of natural light especially with the new windows.


This is the entry right as you walk through the front door. The first door on the right is the powder room and the second door is the guest bedroom.


Like I said, the kitchen, dining, and family room are all one big space. (Yes, some of the gallery wall photos are missing…) This is the view from right inside the front door. The kitchen is to the left. You can see the corner of the counter in the shot. On the right you can see some closet doors that barely made it into the picture – thats the laundry closet. IMG_6183



When they redid all of the windows they also installed granite countertops! The kitchen is great. Lots of cupboards and lots of counter.

Family Room



If you have been following along then you know we are obsessed with our couch. It fits great and works well in the space. We’re glad we brought it with us. (the gallery wall photos have magically reppeared…)


Master bedroom

Just off the family room there is small hallway that leads to the master bedroom and Allie’s room.


I don’t love the master bedroom. The headboard is so ugly and there isn’t a ton of closet space but it’s fine. We have 2 balconies!



The 3 closets are deceiving. They are really small little things!

The bathroom is not anything special, just a regular ol’ bathroom. But check out the view from the shower window!!!




Allie’s room

This is looking into her room from the door. I’m really proud of that hair bow organization you can see hanging on the bathroom door. Allie’s room is quite small but that works out nicely for a nursery.


The windows in her room are the dumbest things ever. The windows are dumb and the drapes are dumb. Doesn’t that just look stupid with two different lengths and sizes?? I get that the windows are the way they are, okay… but why not make the drapes the same size or something? Or put one drape across both? ugh…





Allie is so grown up and has her very own bathroom.


Guest room

The guest room has kind of a long entry hall and then the BEST view and the BEST balcony of the whole house. I didn’t get any pictures of the bathroom but the guest room has a full bath attached so WHEN you all come visit us you don’t have to share a bathroom with us. I hope this is enticing some of you to want to come stay. When we got our assignment to Jamaica we were so excited thinking about all the friends and family who would come visit us… womp womp… only our parents have come! BOOOO to the rest of you.


Basically an entire wall of the guest room is made of these big glass sliding doors with a fantastic view of the Blue Mountains.



There you have it! We really enjoy our apartment and our building. We have a pool, BBQ area, playground, tennis court, squash court, and a big play room stocked with toys for the kids. There are several other families with small children in the building so we get together and play. We are in a good location with grocery stores and a few restaurants nearby. There is an ice cream shop similar to Coldstone basically across the street!! We are their most frequent customers. The biggest downside is the commute to the embassy. It’s only about 4 miles away but it can take almost an hour in traffic. Ridiculous… The driving and traffic can be infuriating.

Come stay with us soon. I’ll make you breakfast on your nice, large balcony!

6 responses to “House Tour

  1. Husband(also an attorney 10 years out) is flying to DC next month for his OA and I have been reading your blog. Just a thought about the master bedroom headboard. It would be super easy to make a fabric slip cover that you liked to slip over the headboard. If you don’t have a sewing machine you could even put it together with fabric glue. Just two rectangles. Just a thought. Thanks for showing the furniture. We have four children ages 6-13 so I like seeing what people have as I ponder what we would move with us. We don’t get a whole lot more weight per child.


    • Good luck to your husband! Sounds like you are confident.
      Great idea for the headboard. I’m so not crafty in that way so I never think of things like that. There are people who do some really creative things to the Drexel furniture to mask it and help it look better. There is a whole Facebook group dedicated to it! Some of the other housing here has the newer edition of the same furniture. It has matte silver hardware instead of brass, clean lines instead of the designed, rounded edges, more of an expresso color as opposed to the cherry we have. I much prefer those pieces! But somehow we just lucked out with the older stuff 🙂


      • My husband was notified that he is now on the register, #11. Your blog has been helpful knowing what to expect. It is one of the only recent ones as most of the other blogs are from the busy days of 2008 and before. Maybe we will cross paths some time in the future. Thanks so much!


      • That’s great! I was looking at your previous comment a while back wondering what your status was. #11 is a good place to be sitting 🙂


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