Montego Bay Stay

A few weeks ago we were thrilled to welcome my parents to Jamaica. They were here for a week. We spent the first half of the week doing things around Kingston and the latter half on the beach in Montego Bay. Of course, my parents spent the mornings in Montego Bay on the golf course.

While in Kingston we visited the city of Port Royal that is home to Fort Charles. Jamaica was under British rule so Fort Charles was built by the British in the 1600s to protect the island. It is now a Jamaica National Heritage Site. Apparently back in the day Port Royal was known as “the wicked city”. There was a lot of gambling, drinking, and merriment going on. Pirates would come to have a good time. I was totally picturing scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean when the tour guide was talking.

The main attraction of Fort Charles is the giddy house. The giddy house was built in 1888 (same year Utah State was founded!) as an artillery house to store gunpowder and weapons. In 1907 Jamaica was hit by a massive earthquake that destroyed much of the city. The giddy house survived in one piece however it sunk partially on one side so today it stands at an angle. It was given the name “giddy house” because of the crazy feeling you get as you try to walk in a straight line through the giddy house. Our tour guide gave us the challenge of walking from end to the other without looking down. It’s much harder than you think!

Unfortunately, Scott didn’t come with us to Montego Bay so it was just me, Allie, and my parents. We decided to rent a condo through Airbnb instead of stay in a resort and it turned out to be really great! You don’t have the convenience of all the food like at an all-inclusive but it was sooooo much cheaper. We were right on the beach and had a kitchen and everything the room. As I said, my parents spent the mornings at the golf course while Allie had her morning nap. Then we spent the afternoon at the beach or by the pool. It was so fun having my parents here! I know my dad was excited to be on a golf course in January.

They had a nice cement path along the water so it was nice to grab the stroller and take Allie on walks along the water. They had a boardwalk leading out to a gazebo in the water that was really pretty. One evening Allie and I went out for a walk right at sunset and it did not disappoint!

Thanks mom and dad for coming!!

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