Taking a break from paradise (and Allie)

Jen and I decided we wanted to take a vacation together as our Christmas present to each other. My mom flew down from Utah to stay with Allie while we flew to Miami and cruised to Cayman, Honduras (Roatan), Belize, and Cozumel. It was really nice to relax without having Allie, even if Jen said “Do you think Allie is ok?” at least 50 times a day. But it wasn’t without excitement. My mom got sick while in Jamaica, so we had to coordinate a way for her to get to a doctor, pay for the doctor and the medicine in local currency, somebody to watch Allie while she was gone, etc. Thanks to our friends who took such good care of them for us!

Here is a short video I made of our cruise. We went to a private island, hiked Mayan ruins, and relaxed at a beach club. Oh, and I won some money playing blackjack while Jen lost some playing a slot machine called “Kitty Glitter.” Imagine that, a game titled Kitty Glitter wasn’t a hot machine. It was our third cruise together, second in the Caribbean. Hopefully we can add some European cruises next tour!


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