Allie turns ONE!

Last week we celebrated Allie’s first birthday! I cannot believe how fast her first year went. She was born in Idaho, traveled across the US at 4 weeks old, and has now spent more of her life in Jamaica than in the US. She has 2 itty bitty teeth growing through and is still using the trusty army crawl/scoot as her mode of transportation. She can point out her hair, belly, nose, and toes. She loves “if you’re happy and you know it” and will dance to anything making noise. She gives the best kisses and LOVES throwing things as hard as she can at the ground.

How did this (above) turn to this (below) in the blink an eye!?

We are pretty lucky. She was such a mild mannered infant and besides some sleep issues from about 4-7 months she was about as good a baby as you can get I suppose. She starting to get a little attitude and is known to be somewhat of a drama queen so wish us luck!! 😉

Allie loves her books. She will scoot herself on over to her bookshelf, pull books down, and flip through the pages. I decided to throw a library themed first birthday party and it was a ton of fun. My life would have been easier with access to Hobby Lobby but we made due!

A HUGE shoutout to my sister who designed the invitations and also made the signs for the party. She is definitely the more creative between us!


Everything we had at lunch corresponded with a book from Allie’s library. We didn’t have tons of things but I loved how it turned out!









My very favorite part was Allie “A Bad Case of Stripes” birthday cake. I made the cake was so nervous I was going to mess it up. But it turned out looking really awesome! I’m really proud of myself and my culinary capabilities. Yay me!



We sang happy birthday and let Allie dig into her piece of cake. She didn’t really go crazy like I thought she would. I think she didn’t like having her hands sticky and dirty. She ate more of the cake when Scott would feed it to her.





Happy Birthday Allie!!

3 responses to “Allie turns ONE!

  1. This is the most adorable birthday party!! What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing your blog on the mamahood 🙂 Can’t wait to read along!



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