Frenchman’s Cove

Last weekend we decided to take our first trip out to the east coast of the island. The east coast is much more lush and dense with forest than the touristy north coast. We decided to just do a day trip to the beach on a Saturday. The drive from our apartment to this beach was about 2 hours. The first half of the drive is on narrow winding roads through the mountains but once you hit the coast and the roads widen it is a beautiful drive!

We chose to check out Frenchman’s Cove this trip and we were NOT disappointed. It is beautiful. It is listed on Forbes Best Caribbean Beaches and The Huffington Post’s 11 Caribbean beaches you should see before you die. There is an entrance fee of $10 USD or $1000 JMD per person. We felt the fee was well worth the beautiful and private beach. You are not allowed to bring food or drink but there is a restaurant right there on the beach. We thought the jerk chicken was great!



Both sides of the beach are lined with thick trees which made the teal water pop even more. The water is a beautiful shade of blue and clear. There is a river that runs down the side of the beach and into the ocean. It’s a really beautiful area. The water is clear and shallow and covered with greenery. It was shallow and calm enough that Allie could just sit right down in the water and splash and eat the sand. The best part? The swing!



I thought it was a really great beach with kids because there was a shaded, shallow, calm area for them to play. When we first stuck Allie down in the water she was not happy about it being too cold. Being the mean parents, we made her stay in the water and eventually she got used to it. She had a great time splashing and kicking her legs.








Allie is getting to be quite the professional beach bum! She definitely knows how to lounge in a beach chair. Even with a 2-hour drive each way we will absolutely be going back to Frenchman’s Cove.  We can’t wait until next time! Who is coming with us!?



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