Life’s so sweet in the passenger seat

Points for whoever gets the reference of my title. With the exception of about 2 or 3 all of these pictures were taken from the car as I’ve ridden in the passenger seat. Forgive some of the bad quality but again these were taken from a moving car!

This photo was taken from the balcony in our bedroom . A few times a week a group gathers and plays soccer in this empty dirt lotIMG_3423I’ve never experienced rain like the rain here in Jamaica. It flows down the roads like a river!
IMG_3954I haven’t been able to get up the courage to purchase a tin of crab & tings. There is also lobster & tings! This is found in the freezer section of the local grocery store.IMG_3628IMG_3624IMG_3585

Just a few of the produce stands that sit along the roadIMG_3878This little friend came and hung out on our balcony for a while one evening. I had never thought about parrots just flying around… to me they are either in a zoo type environment or deep in the rainforest… I hadn’t considered they live in the city!IMG_3379 Hi Mr. dog! There are a lot of stray dogs roaming the streets and goats too!IMG_3830 IMG_3637 I like the name Jensies 🙂  These are typical looking for stores or restaurants. There are nicer and bigger places, the stores where I grocery shop are large and similar to those in the US, but these buildings are the norm!IMG_3831Our meetinghouse for churchIMG_3638Who run the world? Goats

Who run the world? DogsIMG_3876 IMG_3877

IMG_3832Cattle on the road just like home
IMG_3959Kingston’s Auto ZoneIMG_3629Had to include my view of Allie from the passenger seat!IMG_3588Allie is enjoying life here in Kingston. She gets to go relax in her floatie at the pool and try all kinds of fun fruit. She is getting so big and will be 8 months this month. I can’t believe how fast it has gone. She sleeps 12 hours without waking at night, she can get anywhere she wants by rolling, and she is just figuring out that sitting up is not so bad. She is a really great eater! She is a little picky with fruits but hasn’t met a veggie she doesn’t like! All of the Jamaicans just LOVE her. Everybody calls her a doll and comments on her bright eyes. And I agree!! She’s the cutest thing.


I would fill her spoon and then let her have control. By the end, she was doing well at getting it to her mouth but it was very, very messy! IMG_3921

IMG_3644 IMG_3846

IMG_3520 IMG_3590

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