The long awaited arrival

WE HAVE OUR VERY OWN STUFF!!! The morning our stuff was being brought to our apartment was like Christmas. I was so very excited. I was also dreading it a little bit because that meant unpacking and a big ol mess. but totally worth it!!

Our apartment is furnished… with some of the ugliest and outdated furniture known to man. They have crammed so much furniture into one place. We have FIVE TABLES in our living room alone. In the small bedroom for the baby there was a twin bed, a nightstand, a floor lamp, a table lamp, a bookcase, a desk, a hutch attached to the desk with shelves going up the wall, and a large overstuffed chair. PLUS the temporary crib! madness!! There was barely any room to move around! There were definitely some very, very odd decisions made in regards to furniture.

We had our nice big sectional that we love so much shipped here to Jamaica even though we knew couches would be provided. I’m so glad we did! Even though it’s a little annoying finding space for the couches it’s so nice to have something that really makes this feel like home. As silly as it sounds that a couch can make a difference, it really did! It feels like home instead or where we sleep if that makes sense.


We had to clear the room the night before and make room for our tan beauty


We hadn’t seen this baby since it was packed away in Idaho back in FEBRUARY!

Reunited and it feels so good
Reunited ’cause we understood
There’s one perfect fit
And, sugar, this one is it
We both are so excited ’cause we’re reunited, hey, hey

Is it a little pathetic how excited I am about a couch…??  maybe.


Our couch came just in time for football season #blessed


The first boxes begin to arrive!


As we started receiving everything and unpacking we have found a few quirks and funny things. So remember, all this stuff was packed up in Idaho and sent to a storage facility in Maryland. When we were ready to make the move to Jamaica we received the inventory from the moving company and had to label which things we wanted sent to Jamaica and which things should stay in storage. We didn’t need our big stuff like our nightstands or dining table. But some of the labelling was really unclear that it was hard to remember what was what. Like something was labeled “living room box” and another “living room tote” and another “living room” but we had no idea what was actually IN the boxes. For example, we have about 8 decorative pillows for our couch but only 2 of them made it to Jamaica. The others are in some “living room tote” or some other unknown box. And now they will sit in storage for who knows how long! I received my primary songbook but not my hymn book… weird! We are guessing the hymn book got put into the box with our books even though it was separate. Luckily, nothing devastating was missing!


The 2 pillows that made it plus one I bought while in DC. At least it was the 2 coordinating ones we got!


Our rocking chair!!!! I could cry happy tears



It looks like our Christmas tree had the hardest trip of all!! The box is pretty much destroyed


My kitchen in a box!

Since we moved to DC in March I have been using kitchen supplies that were included as furnishings. That means, 3 crappy pots/pans to choose from, dull knives, no blender, food processor, griddle, kitchen aid… you get the idea. I’m so excited to have a kitchen back!!!!

Opening each little paper wrapped thing was like a birthday present! I was so excited…. ohhh my zester, ohhh my liquid measuring cup, ohhh my silpats!


I can’t even tell you how happy I am to have a large variety of pots and pans!!


Making cookies was first on the to-do list once I had my KitchenAid and cookie sheets.


There was a whooooole lotta trash!

We are still trying to get everything organized and find a spot for everything. It really has been a huge morale boost to have our things. I was so excited for Allie’s nursery furniture. She hasn’t been in a proper crib since February and it’s fun to have her stuff all set up. Luckily, they removed all the million pieces of furniture in her little room to make way for baby furniture.


We still need to hang things up on the walls and organize and then I will post a full tour!

3 responses to “The long awaited arrival

  1. That made me realize that I need to invest in some good pots and pans to ship over to Dhaka…I have so few things I might just get everything from storage sent to me. Your place is looking great!


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