Prepping for Jamaica

Time is going by so fast! We are leaving DC in less than 2 weeks and our baby will be 5 months old in a few days. I can’t believe it, I’m in denial about it all. 2 weeks!? That’s nuts.

We have been busily trying to get everything ready for our move. Between passports, shipping our car, applying for visas, medical appointments, packing, stocking up on products, organizing shipments, booking flights, etc there is SO much to do. We are feeling the pressure!

running errands on the daily

running errands on the daily


Allie's passport photo... hahaha! She wasn't too happy about it

Allie’s passport photo… hahaha! She wasn’t too happy about it

Scott is much more the organized planner and I am more of a figure-it-out-along-the-way type so he keeps all the to-do lists and assigns me errands to run or things to do. It works well for us. We leave DC on July 6, spend a couple days in Miami, and arrive in Jamaica on July 8. It’s coming so fast.

our little black books

our little black books

Jamaica Prep Step 1: Costco & Target

Almost everything in Jamaica is imported so it’s expensive to live and shop there. Luckily, we have the ability to ship a whole lotta stuff! We stocked up on things like toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo/conditioner, laundry detergent, toothpaste. You get the idea. Most importantly, we got the biggest canister of chocolate milk powder they sold 🙂 We also made sure to bring beach towels, chairs, pool and sand toys for Allie since that will all be expensive one we are there. We got a couple area rugs since our apartment will be tile. Definitely the biggest Costco trip I’ve ever done. Our dollars were dropping like flies.

Jamaica Prep Step 2: Organizing

We have 3 ways of getting our things to Jamaica. First, in our suitcases that will come with us on the plane. Second, in our UAB shipment. UAB is Unaccompanied Air Baggage. There are certain size restrictions and we have a weight limit of what can be sent in our UAB. This shipment comes on a plane and will get to Jamaica in a couple weeks. Lastly, we have our HHE shipment. HHE is Household Effects. This shipment comes by boat and takes longer to get there. It will be about 2 months before this shipment gets to us. So we had to go through our stuff and decide where it all needed to go. We had one side of our living room where we stacked all the UAB stuff, started stacking HHE in the kitchen, and kept all of our suitcase stuff in a closet.


UAB pile


HHE pile


more HHE

Our apartment looked like a big huge disaster. Organized chaos. We also will get HHE from our stuff that was sent directly to storage from Idaho. Things like Allie’s crib and rocking chair, our couch, all my kitchen stuff. I’m excited to get it all back!

Jamaica Prep Step 3: packout

We had our packout on June 19. Packout is the term used in the State Department meaning the day that the movers come to your house and take everything away. We scheduled ours pretty early so that hopefully our UAB will arrive in Jamaica about the same time we do.  We figured that it’s much easier to live here in DC without our things than it will be in Kingston. Our packout went relatively smooth. All of our furniture and big stuff is in storage anyway so there wasn’t anything large. It’s strange to just sit back and watch somebody else box up your things.

Scott oversaw the whole operation keeping the inventory of what went into each box

Scott oversaw the whole operation keeping the inventory of what went into each box

Allie's room

Allie’s room

I knew they would be here for a few hours so we set up a little bed in our bathtub for Allie to nap in since they would be in and out of her room. It worked out really nicely!


testing it out beforehand

worked like a charm

worked like a charm

After they had packed up and weighed everything we had set aside for UAB we were underweight by a couple hundred pounds so we were able to throw in some extra things we weren’t expecting to have! That was a nice surprise.


boxes everywhere

Queen Allie on the red carpet. darn paparazzi...

Queen Allie on the red carpet. darn paparazzi…

I think they finished in about 4 hours if I remember correctly. It wasn’t bad at all. Our apartment now feels pretty empty and more like a hotel room without our stuff.  Our hope is that our UAB will get there within a few days of our arrival so we can get our home set up there. We are shipping our car which has been a big ordeal on it’s own. Luckily, Scott has been dealing with all of that. Our car will take a long time so we will be without a car in Kingston for a while.

Jamaica Prep Step 4: Introduce Allie to the pool

This was definitely the most fun step of them all. There is a pool at our housing in Jamaica and I know that Allie and I will be spending a lot of time there. The first time we took Allie to the pool at our apartment I thought for sure she would have a melt down because it was COLD. I didn’t even want to get in. But she totally loved it! She was splashing and kicking her legs around under the water. She’s recently taken up squealing so she was doing that too.


She was having the time of her life

Such a bummer that the one and only drop of water is directly on my face

Such a bummer that the one and only drop of water is directly on my face

*soon to be* beach bum

*soon to be* beach bum

If she also likes sand then I think Allie is in a good 2 years!

Just a little update on Allie: She USED to be a good sleeper but has recently entered a rebellious stage where she is waking multiple times a night. We’re getting through it. She can roll both ways, is squealing or squeaking in all her waking hours, and has started giggling. At her 4-month appointment she was 12 lbs 9 oz putting her in the 16th percentile. The Dr is not concerned about it. Allie is just petite! I think half of her weight is in her cheeks and hair.

We are going to live it up our last days here in DC. I’m excited that we get to be here for the fourth of July! There is a good chance that we won’t post again until we are IN JAMAICA! That is so crazy.  Until then, here are a few more pictures of Allie to hold you over. I hope you aren’t too annoyed by constant pictures of her but I’m a little bit obsessed with her and her kissable cheeks.

IMG_1807 IMG_1719 IMG_1620


I mean, honestly, could she be any cuter!?

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