All about Allie

As Scott already mentioned in his post we welcomed our precious baby girl, Allie, a couple weeks ago.  It’s still surreal that she is here and we are now responsible for a tiny human life. We think she is the cutest thing ever and she is oh so sweet.

My due date was Thursday, January 29th. My third trimester was actually really great. Besides getting a wonderful array of artistic stretch marks on my belly that itched until I felt like I was going clinically insane, I felt good. I had energy, no back pain, no hip pain, no pressure, so I really wasn’t in a huge hurry to get her out. I had an appointment on Friday, 6 days before my due date, and absolutely nothing was progressing. No dilation, no effacing. We talked a little bit about induction and set my next appointment for my due date. Both myself and the doctor were sure we would see each other again at that appointment.

I went to bed Sunday night feeling same as ever. I decided I should probably get some things together for the hospital so I threw some stuff in a bag. I lathered up my belly in hopes the itching would subside long enough to fall asleep and got into bed. I had a long list of errands to run and a fat grocery list to tackle in the morning!

At about 3 AM I was woken up by some pain. I wasn’t sure if it was contractions or just cramps but it was pretty painful. The pain would come and go and I decided that maybe I should time them just to see. They were about 8 minutes apart. I tried to go back to sleep but that was not happening, just as soon as I would relax another one would come. It got to a point where I couldn’t lay down and had to sit up or get up out of bed to get through it. I got up and did the dishes and decided to try to sleep on the couch so I wouldn’t bother Scott. I was convinced that they were going to stop.

Scott woke up and we starting timing them again, now they were about 6 minutes apart and getting stronger.  I was walking laps or kneeling on the floor with my head buried in the bed to get through. I did NOT want to go to the hospital. I just knew that they would look at me like I was a crazy, first time mom who thinks she is in labor when she is not. I was convinced they would send me home and then laugh inside about how big of a wanny (word I have only ever heard in Idaho – interchangeable with wimp) I was. I just kept thinking it has to be worse than this if it’s the real thing. They were pretty painful but not nearly as bad as I had always imagined. About 9 AM I finally agreed to let Scott take me to hospital. Thank goodness I threw together a bag!

When we got to labor and delivery I told them I just wanted to be checked. I didn’t want them to think I thought I was actually in labor! They took us to a room and had me change into a gown. I was a little annoyed about changing because I was just going to have to change back into my clothes when they said to go home. The nurse checked me and said “umm… you are having a baby today!” and said it was hard to tell but she thought I was dilated to a 7. SEVEN!?! I told Scott I was just really happy I wasn’t at a 1. After that it was like a whirlwind. All the sudden there were 5 nurses in the room setting things up, asking me questions, poking me. “Did somebody call Dr. Isbell?” “Do you want an epidural?” “Somebody needs to call anesthesia” “Good job getting so far along at home!” The nurse then said that my bag of water was really low and she didn’t want to break it so she couldn’t really tell how dilated I was but I could be anywhere from a 6 to a 9. A NINE!?! That really freaked me out.  I started crying and I just kept saying “I’m really scared, I’m really scared.”

Scott was in charge of keeping all the family updated. Both of our parents live about 2 hours away. I think Scott’s mom left her house as soon as we told her I was being admitted. My dad was at work so they didn’t leave until later in the day.

My Dr was already at the hospital doing surgeries so he came and checked me and said I was 7-8 so there was time for the epidural… hooray!! I was really, really scared of the epidural.  I had always planned on getting it but I was very nervous about it. The nurse helped me through it and once that epidural kicked in it was awesome. I was able to relax. Kudos to those women who decide to do it on their own but I for one will always be getting an epidural!

Scott’s mom and sister got there after I had the epidural. It was nice to be able to relax and chat. Looking back, I wish I would have taken that time to catch up on a little sleep. I was really embarrassed because the plan was always for Scott’s mom and sister to sleep at our house while we stayed in the hospital. My plan was to have a clean house but I wasn’t expecting to have my baby! The house was a wreck. oooops!

We had to wait for several hours for my Dr to finish up his surgeries before he came in and broke my water. I could have had the baby several hours before I did but I was loving life with that epidural that I didn’t mind too much. After he broke my water things went pretty fast. When he broke my water we sent Scott’s mom and sister out of the room. My parents hadn’t arrived yet. Besides the privacy factor, I really wanted some time for just us 3 before having visitors come to meet her. I’m really glad I stuck to that and we had some time just the 3 of us.

After the Dr broke my water I pushed for about 45 minutes and Allie came into the world at 4:56. The nurse kept saying how much hair she had. When the Dr called out “I think we have a 9 pounder” I was in shock! How did a 9 pound baby fit inside of me?? I still have no clue how that was possible.  She weighed in at 8 lbs 13 oz. and 20.5 inches long with tons of dark hair. The first thing Scott said was “wooooah, she’s chubby!”

The Dr immediately passed her off to a nurse who put her under the warmer and cleaned her up while I was getting stitches. The first thing I said to Scott was “Does she look like an Allie?” We were pretty much set on the name Allie but didn’t want to solidify it until she was born. We had a short list of other names but they were never realistic, it was always Allie.

I was able to feed her with the help of the nurses and after everything was all cleaned up we invited our families in. I think it was about an hour after she was born. By this time my parents had made it. They were all pretty shocked about the hair. Scott’s mom said she would have never guessed that what our baby would look like. It’s funny because she totally looked like what I thought.

Labor and delivery were a lot less scary than I had anticipated. The nurses and Scott were awesome through it all. Words can’t describe the emotions I felt holding my daughter for the first time. She is such a precious gift and I hope that I can be the mother that she deserves.

*notice the furry shoulders

*notice the furry shoulders

My first time holding my baby

My first time holding my baby

first family photo

first family photo

We stayed in the delivery room for several hours until the epidural had worn off and I was able to get up. At that time they moved us to another room. Scott and the families took Allie to the new room while a nurse helped me get up and cleaned up. I was not prepared for that first bathroom trip…(TMI?) My stomach is doing flips just thinking about it now. There was a lot going on in a lot of places.

As I was coming out of the bathroom I remember telling the nurse I felt really nauseous and light-headed. Then it went blank. That is the first time in my life I have ever passed out. It was such a strange feeling. I remember waking up (I wasn’t out that long, just a few seconds I think) and saying “I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t know what’s going on”. I was really, really strange. Like I didn’t know where I was and then all the sudden I remembered “oh yeah, I just had a baby”. I’m so glad the nurse was there to catch me.

Scott went and picked up my request of a hot dog and brownie shake from Freddy’s and it totally hit the spot. Way better than the hospital food! When I was finally able to take a shower it was so wonderful. It felt so nice to smell good and feel human!

We stayed in the hospital for 2 nights. Allie had so much fluid she kept spitting and choking. We sent Allie to stay the night in the nursery and I’m really glad we did. I don’t think we would have gotten any sleep especially with how often Allie was spitting fluid. They would bring her in for me to feed her and then take her back.

She failed her hearing test the first time. Apparently it’s common because the baby will still have fluid in their ears. She did pass it the next morning on her second attempt.

I will just share one story from our hospital stay. The night after Allie was born I was holding and snuggling her. She had blood drawn from her foot so she had a band aid on her heel. As I was holding her, her foot was flexed and positioned in such a way that I couldn’t see any of her foot, just the end of her heel with the band aid.  My heart and my stomach dropped and I panicked. I thought to myself “WHY DIDN’T ANYBODY TELL ME THAT SHE IS MISSING A FOOT!?” I felt sick. Luckily, she moved her leg and my fears were calmed by seeing a fully functioning foot on my daughter. whew! I had clearly seen that she had two feet several times before that moment but that didn’t stop my panic. My heart was beating fast for quite a while after that.





When it was time to go home I was a little freaked out… like am I really ready to be responsible for a little human?? We got her all packed up in her car seat and out to the car. Thankfully, we don’t live far from the hospital so it wasn’t a long drive. I can’t imagine how stressful to have to drive on the freeway with a brand new baby!

My mom stayed at our house for the first week. Since I was never able to tackle my grocery list she stocked our fridge and pantry back up. She cooked and cleaned and cuddled with Allie. It was so nice to have another pair of hands.

We love kissing on her chubby cheeks and are trying to figure out how to tame her hair. We love our little Allie bug!

6 responses to “All about Allie

  1. Congratulations! She is beautiful. On thr epidural, granted its not for everyone but why suffer through labour when you don’t have to? There’s no reward for going through it without any pain relief, take it and enjoy the amazing experience.


  2. What a darling, beautiful little girl. Brings back memories of my own little boys. I don’t have any girls. She reminds me a lot of my 3rd son. He looked like a little Indian baby. However he topped the scales at 11 lbs even. You are probably wondering who I am. I am grandpa Chad’s aunt and to his mom Laraine. Anyway congratulations, she is beautiful. Ruth Ann Nielsen


  3. Im so glad you posted all the details! I loved reading this. She is pretty much the cutest baby ever. Lucky kid. She’ll be beautiful AND hilarious. Love you Jen!!


  4. Hi 🙂 I am from the mamahood, the one that asked for birth stories to write in my paper. What a cute story, I am seriously impressed you were able to get so far along before going to the hospital. I didn’t want to be a wanny (haha I’ve never heard that word before, but I like it!) either, but I totally was. I was induced so it was a little different but I secretly wanted an epidural the second I got to the hospital. Your baby girl is adorable, I just love her dark hair and her cheeks are oh so squishable! Thanks again for sharing your story with me!


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