On the register!

Earlier this week, I found out that I was added to the register. I was ranked 31/120 at the time. Since then, offers have gone out for the January A-100 class, so I have moved up to somewhere between 15 and 20 in my estimation. I won’t be shocked if I get an offer for January due to people turning down offers, but I expect to wait until March to start training. A lot of people have asked when I will know where I am going. That won’t be until the end of training, so probably the middle to end of April. Jen and I are both excited and nervous, and we are glad that our baby will be here before we move to DC.

Thanks to everybody for their support!

13 responses to “On the register!

  1. Congratulations, Scott! I made it onto the Econ Register last week at no 32 and based on what I’m seeing over in the yahoo group, looks like we could be classmates in March! Like you, January is possible if there are enough people declining, but I really think March is looking good. Paul


    • I received an email from another Econ cone thinking he will get an offer in March. Hopefully we get a budget soon so we don’t have to stress it out.


      • I heard from the guy one spot ahead of me on the econ register that he received a second round offer today. I’m assuming there won’t be a third round, but I guess one never knows.

        In other news, my wife started a blog yesterday:

        Good luck!



  2. I’m curious what your life is like now in the waiting game. Are you working? Have you given notice to an employer? Do you own a home or have a lease you’ll have to break when you get the call? I’m just curious about some of the inconveniences of the unknown. Thanks.


    • I am currently working. I am a judicial clerk in a state court. The judge I work for has known from the beginning that I was starting this process. He even gave me a couple days off to go take the FSOT out of state. He is anxious to have enough notice to find my replacement, but he supports me leaving and will let me keep my job until that point. I’m currently renting a townhouse right now, and my contract ended last month so it is month to month right now. The biggest inconvenience is the timing of A-100, since my wife is pregnant the baby is due two weeks later. So we will either be apart for the delivery or I will have to miss some A-100. They can’t give me an answer on if that will be allowed or not.


  3. Wow, I hope they’ll let you be there for the birth & support. I’m in the FSO process for the 3rd time, awaiting results of the PNQs (3rd time, passed once). I find it’s hard to tell employers, family, etc. about the process and how low the probability is that you’d be leaving anytime soon. Best of luck.


  4. Hi Scott: Unexpectedly (to say the least) I was invited to the January class. So I hope to meet you when you get the invite for March. Paul


  5. Scott,
    Congrats on making the register! I am relatively new to the process – just registered to take the FSOT. I (like many I’m sure) can’t stop reading/studying about FSOT and FSOT related material – it’s kind of an addiction. Would you mind answering a few questions via email?

    Thanks for your time and good luck with the baby!!


  6. Hi- Thanks for the tips. I am taking the FSOT again after scoring really, really well on everything-except the damn essay. I fat finger the keyboard and am too reliant on spell check. I might ramble a bit too…
    Just curious–How long was your process? Did you move to DC upon Register notification?


    • I took the FSOT in February. I passed the QEP in May. Passed the OA in July. Background check was finished in December. Now I’m on the register.

      It is important to NOT move to DC once you are on the register. If you live within 50 miles of DC when your offer goes out, you don’t qualify for the free housing/food stipends/etc. Ever, I think. Local hires don’t get those benefits. So if I were to move to DC, I’d miss out on a ~$20,000 to $30,000 benefit for a year at A-100.


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