How to have fun while studying for the FSOT

In my last post, I gave some lists and links that were helpful when I studied. Since then, I’ve thought of some other things that helped a lot.

  • Jeopardy. Lots and lots of jeopardy. You’d be surprised how useful it can be. Crackle had some reruns for free, but I don’t think they offer them anymore. Ask your grandma to VCR them for you.
  • Bezzerwizzer. The greatest trivia board game known to man. It has a broad range of questions, which is perfect for the FSOT.
  • Make your own trivia games. My family plays “Ficklin Family Trivia.” It is basically my ripoff of Jeopardy. I’m the host, and I make up 10 categories consisting of 5 questions each, with three bonus questions. Contestants are in teams, and everybody answers every question on a piece of paper. There are some more rules than that, but I learned a lot about world history/geography/flags by coming up with questions. I also like to add in odd categories like “dirty sounding words” or “inappropriate celebrity tweets.”
  • Sporcle. There is a quiz for everything. Harry Potter characters in order of number of mentions. Capital cities. On the front page right now is a quiz which shows you a photo of a can of soup or a shovel and you have to decide if it is art or not.

I had fun studying for the two weeks before the test (though I also enjoyed studying for the bar exam, so…), and I think many of us remember things better when we enjoy learning them.


2 responses to “How to have fun while studying for the FSOT

  1. Scott! I’m writing on this post because I noticed the other FSOT page had a large amount of comments and I did not want this to get “drowned out” by the other comments. I am taking the test this June as an undergrad at BYU and I had some questions for you. Is there anyway you could send me an e-mail so I could ask you some of these questions? I’d be very, very appreciative!!! Thank you!


  2. Scott! Thanks for writing a blog about the process you have gone through as a FSO and your family. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading them and seeing the process of student to FSO. I am still in my undergraduate program here at BYU but want to take the FSO test this summer for practice and for a feel of the test. However, I have some more questions in general about the test and the career itself. I would love to email you and ask you some of these questions if that would work at some time. Thank you in advance!!!



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