Medically Cleared and Security Interview

Last week, I got an email notifying me that I have officially been medically cleared for appointment anywhere in the world! Jen still has to finish hers up, and that won’t be able to happen until she has the baby and can have a chest x-ray. However, everything is moving quickly, which is good news for us.

I also had my security interview. I haven’t had a lot of international travel, so it went fairly easily. It should finish up quickly. After asking me about my history of drugs (and oddly enough, if I plan on taking drugs in the future), criminal acts, acts of disloyalty to the U.S. Government, and interrogation of Jen on how I paid my bills during law school, the interviewer let me go. After he interviews some coworkers on September 3rd, the biggest part of the security clearance will be finished.

I still don’t know when we will get an offer to move to DC, but I’m hopeful it will be some time around November to January!

One response to “Medically Cleared and Security Interview

  1. Hello Scott! Two weeks ago I passed the oral assessment with the same score as yourself, but I had such a different path getting there! I only discovered your wonderful blog after reaching this stage and I love reading about your process because it was so different from my own. Plus you’ve provided such a roadmap for the excitement that is to come. You’ve actually inspired me to start blogging so that I can capture and share my feelings and impressions at this time of such momentous transition.

    Basically your experience offers a potential timeline for me as I’m about a year and two months behind where you were. I’m blown away by some of the stats you cite: that only 5% of the people who start the process pass the OA; that only 2% actually get called off the register; and how confident you were that your score would get you into an A-100. I recently read on a State Dept forum that for FY16 only 260 FSOs will be called so I’m much less confident than yourself about soon joining an A-100, but I’m trying to remain positive! Anyway, congratulations on your success and I look forward to reading more about Jamaica and your first assignment.


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